I have vociferously denigrated the Twilight trail, and to give up an oppositional relationship with it leaves me feeling hollow and empty inside like Lex Luther after he finally conquered Superman, but I have to say- it is improving. Don’t get me wrong, the signage is confusing, it is sandy like the outskirts of Fallujah, the intersections with Munson are actually intefering with Munson and muddying the flow a bit. The pink flags are an affront to nature, and the moonscape of the clear cut is shocking, but other than that, the Twilight is really shaping up- seriously.


5 Responses to Twilight

  1. I rode all of Munson and all of Twilight Zone Saturday. A fine workout, better (I’m guessing) than spin class. Felt like about 20 miles, total. I committed the secret map from the FOTL meeting to memory, and didn’t get confused once.

    The pin flags are unavoidable until the clearcut reroutes are ridden into shape. Kudos to the reroute crew. Having been reassured about the massive berms at the gun range, I didn’t even flinch when I heard rounds fired. What to do about the sand traps?

    Anybody do the FOTL full moon ride Friday? How was it?

  2. The Friday Full ride Moon was fun.
    Families rode tandems, we pulled BOBs, I dug a pit (that afternoon), we built a fire, we drank fizzy beverages, ate organic Oreo’s, buried the fire, Families rode while the kid’s all chatted among themselves.
    What caught my attention is how family friendly the TZ is for group outings, though it is a bit dry right now, particularly the NE quarter.

  3. The Twilight trail is a great tandem bike course. No supersharp turns, lots of long swoops, and several beers can really make sand-surfing fun. The wife on the back hardly made a peep. I heard no whining the whole ride, that’s why we needed you out there Juancho. next time….

    The temp DID drop about 15 degrees over the ride though, it was a bit nipply coming back on the railtrail.

    BTW, if the sand is slowing you down out there, let some air out! (yes…out of the tires..sigh)

    Low pressure and no knobbies are the perfect combo. At least that’s what god told me.

  4. Actually, the preferred strategy is to remove all the air and ride right on the rims. May not be as comfortable, but it makes you go faster.