Narwhals Ride the Big Waves (dude)

Swimming out beyond the break is no big deal. Swimming back is what counts. That is what it feels like to be 12 trips into a 24 trip work schedule. You can get away with bringing your true love and a bicycle along sometimes, but most of the time you have to cover yourself in petroleum jelly and kick, kick, breathe. Kick, kick, breathe.

One of the first rules of blogging I learned was this.

1. Nobody cares about the weird dream you had last night.

What if it involved a surf contest though? In seriously heavy conditions? Cancelled by a massive pod of frolicking narwhals? What if you are both relieved and disappointed that the contest is cancelled, but also thrilled and exhilarated to watch the loping narwhals rolling and dropping into hotel-sized surf, and not 4 story zone restricted hotels, but an anything goes Myrtle Beach style condominium sized wave?

I get it. You still can’t expect anyone to care.

It’s like the contest organizer told me this morning with a shrug of his tanned and hairy shoulders, “What can we do man? Narwhals ride the big waves dude!”

So here we go. Iron the khakis, gas up the rental, run barefoot on the treadmill until you get blisters, and then swim back in with the tide.


11 Responses to Narwhals Ride the Big Waves (dude)

  1. hahahahaa! I had a very similar dream. ‘cept the pod was a dozen sharks and the waves were 29″ tall.. and yep..I was excited and told everyone about it the next morning and they just looked at me with that look…you know…uuuuuhhhh hhhhhuuu.

    good one Jauncho!

  2. and if you start telling your dream, some other asshole will chime in about his really weird dream…that he can’t remember now, but it was really weird.

  3. If you really had that dream, I am so jealous! But about the work part, I’m not, of course – so I guess if you’re doing the work part, you’ve earned the coolest dream.

    P.S.Tomorrow’s Friday. Hopefully this weekend is one for strictly hanging out.

  4. I truly dreamed of surfing Narwhals. Weird. I’m not sure how I even know what one is. We have a full schedule lined up for the weekend, but it’s all cool stuff.