Clydesdale Hall of Fame-Marshall Ledbetter

I came across this bit of Tallahasseecana during my fevered wanderings on the internet last week. who remembers when Marshall took over the Capitol building?

Sadly, after years of incarceration in Chatahoochee, it is reported that Marshall took his life in 2003.

For what it is worth which is decidedly not much, I hereby induct him into the Clydesdale Hall of Fame for his great, misguided and oversized balls.

I also remember seeing him roaming from party to party on his bike.

I’m taking this tubercular show on the road to north Georgia today so y’all be good.


6 Responses to Clydesdale Hall of Fame-Marshall Ledbetter

  1. I heard a story once where he rented a limo and filled the back with squishy toys from Toys-R-Us and said he was just going to hang out with all the squishy toys until Paula Abdul came by to hang out with him.