Since I am injured and the usual characters are taking the opportunity to rest on their laurels and avoid the sting of my lash, let’s go back in time (like a TV series with a short budget) and see if life was any better a year ago today…

I will be out of here for a couple days. I’m going to Oak Mountain State Park, where the locals love mountain biking, but apparently haven’t figured out that you are supposed to ride the bikes. Maybe I can give them some pointers.

But seriously folks!

If you have a craving for lush hardwood forest, demanding singletrack, and good BBQ then google Oak Mountain State Park and let the envy begin. I can definitely throw that guy’s bike farther than he can, so I’m looking to get on the podium so to speak.

New submission from “IfIhadabike” up in NYC- BRC- Now with Humor!

Very funny. Very friggin’ funny.

What else? Remember S’quatch? He managed to keep himself clean again all weekend by staying out of the woods. I think he’s truly hung up his knobbies for good. We had some good times though didn’t we? Hello?

Bushy and I tromped around looking for scat and tracks yesterday, but I’m afraid the trail has gone cold on the big cat. We had some minor excitement when I leapt across the “crik” in a cat-like manner myself and Bushy yells “Stop! Don’t Move! A huge snake just flashed up the hill when you landed”. “Come back the way you came” he says, which was impossible and looked even snakier. Standing in tall grass wondering which way the snake went actually sounds like an excellent metaphor for my general life outlook and expectations. I picked a direction and high-stepped it out of there. Also an excellent metaphor for something.

I’m still welcoming slogan submissions, so keep them coming. We have some real gems, but I have a hunch you can do better. I’m also think of printing up some less traditional items rather than the standard t-shirt, coffee mug, thing. I’m leaning towards…

a Nascar sponsorship
Cartons of smokes
Ace bandages
inner tubes (great product visibility!)
Your bikes

Just to name a few. That’s right, this juice of mine just flows all day.

-Juancho-now with humor!

* The 2007 BRC Slogan contest is officially open!

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