Reservations for the Pain Cave

Who knew? All the time in the saddle, redlining the max heart rate, all in an effort to get a few moments of clarity in the pain cave. All you need to do is ignore a minor injury until it becomes a backstage pass to the Pain Cave live in concert.

I’ve never been one to have any of these chronic knee/joint-related injuries so this is pretty new territory for me. I do know that staggering around straight-legged like Frankenstein’s monster does nothing to improve an injury.

Today I am scheduled for total cessation of activity, constant ice, and major rest. Sometimes you just have to give in and roll with it.

It’s a big, boring, disappointing bummer for my first week home in a long time- not that I’m playing for sympathy or anything.


6 Responses to Reservations for the Pain Cave

  1. Well, you have LoPo’s sympathy even if you’re not playing for it. BUMMER!! We’re hoping this means more posts to BRC, however! 😉

  2. i hear that bosnia is very healing for knee injuries…its something in the water i think. maybe you should check it out

  3. did you shit yourself on your last visit? Poor lad. I’ve always managed to get it in the bowl during my time here.