Wagons Whoa!

Rumor down at Joe’s Bike shop is that some Nebraskanites are lurking around town looking for Juancho. This news immediately launched my blogger emergency plan, code name: “Kaczinskify the Compound”.

Nebraskan Mtber’s I assume? I would say something droll and disrespectful about the likelihood of mountain biking in Nebraska, but since I’m writing from Florida (The hilly part!) I will let the moment pass.

– This image is from my only trip through Nebraska. It is an actual photograph of Nebraska’s lovely terrain.

Picket your mules and show yourselves Nebraskians!


4 Responses to Wagons Whoa!

  1. What? WHAT? sorry, the writing is so small here, it all reads,” wha, wha me wha, me wha, wha-wha me, wha wha.”

  2. Juancho,

    Greetings from the Nebraskanites who most recently almost met your aquaintance. It would have been a pleasure meeting you, however, time is not on our side this trip and we must saddle up our horses and take our wagons back to the flat-lands. Our short journey here is almost finished. There has been no time to get back to where you camp.

    The next time we visit your swampy, foresty, alligator-ridden, but lushly beautiful lands we will make sure to try again to meet the elusive Juancho.

    Please tell your friend how very nice it was to have been greeted back after 8 1/2 years away with such hospitality. We appreciated the help and directions. Also, he so graciously entertained us with a ‘stinkin’ Lincoln’ story. 🙂

    We wish you well on your future adventures and Happy Trails To You!