I got your Tour right here

It has it all- carnage, injury, and reaching deep inside.
Last Sunday we sailed around the Twilight Zone in a Bermuda Triangle of gunfire, quicksand, and red herrings. S’quatch arrived for the ride a maimed and bloody mess after road rashing hard on the way to the trail. We left HiTops in the middle of nowhere, with those of us caught in the middle of the pack having to choose between abandoning him or abandoning ourselves as well. Most unfortunate.

I went out later that day for a solo to the Lake Overstreet region, proudly logging five hours of saddle time for the day. Now my knee is swollen and painful. might have been the beefing in the forest? Overtraining? Poor saddle hight?

The Tour moved on to Reddick with a quick lap of Razorback, definitely my best showing on that particular chunk of mountain bike moonscape.

The knee really went off the chart following that ride.

It is a rest day for THE TOUR, or it was yesterday. I think I’ll join them.

(How about Magnus Backstedt in the breakaway? Awesome!)

Today- 18 holes. In a cart. No beer girl necessary, as the wagon ride continues.

Wishing I was home- the wish comes true Thursday.

Hoping to ride San Felasco or Santos despite the sell-out knee.



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