Put on a happy face

Things are really looking up for me lately.

I caught the Atlanta airport shuttle on the first try. I have about 240 degree rotation in my arm. I could play a round of golf if I stick with the punch shot, and the punch is my best shot. Nobody stole my cruiser I left outside in the back yard. The new oil leak in the Gulf is like totally just a small one, and a bunch of troops are coming home from Iraq. I got 23 songs for $9.99 at Amazon dot com and I’m reading a pretty good book right now.

I can count my blessings that the country is only bitterly divided instead of rabidly divided, and the humdity has got to be down at least 4% since last week. FSU will open with a gimme against Samford Baptist College this weekend, and I have a job.

Things have rarely been this good.


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