Idle Threats

Don’t think I won’t pack up this one act play and get out of here.
Don’t think I’m afraid to leave this town.
The future is not written and everything doesn’t happen for a reason.
Things need to pick up around this overlooked backwater town.

Are you hearing me Great Magnet?


7 Responses to Idle Threats

  1. I hear they’re looking for a few good men in Sebring. A wise man like yourself could command the chief bench at the corner Sunoco within a month of his arrival. Just watch out for those guys over at the Shell station.

  2. I’m hoping for something bigger, like an invasion of ants or a solar eclipse. Maybe an invasion of ants attacking under the cover of a solar eclipse. I’m just feeling like I’ve played every tune in the Tally songbook a thousand times.

  3. you need something completely new and fresh; meet me at Cabo’s and we’ll discuss options. I’m thinking of rebuilding The Office Lounge.