Die Internet Die!

I don’t want it to go away forever. I definitely don’t want any planes to fall from the sky. I don’t want anyone to miss out on critical medical care, but I do want the Internet to stub its massive toe.

Everybody out there is so busy facebooking the youtube that there is no time to rest. For those of us bound to a virtual world for work the day has become 24 hours long. There are no rules of engagement anymore. It’s run fast or be left behind.

A brown-out wouldn’t be so bad would it? Some peace and quiet? A little forced shrug of the shoulders, pack up your lunch, lock up the office and go home for the day? Everybody forced to sit quietly and participate in that other world, the corporeal one?

Somebody pull the plug for a while-


6 Responses to Die Internet Die!

  1. no internet? but I’m a state worker; I’d have to…
    let me look up my job description on the intranet real quick, and I’ll get back to you.

  2. And, not only facebook, now there’s “foursquare.” Nothing like having every move get tracked, even your quiet moves. It never ends. 🙂