Plan B

Do I use this big check to pay back my retirement account as planned, or do I initiate plan b whereby Juancho fades into the firmament like DB Cooper? I’m not likely to get another chance like this. If ever there was a time to pull the cord this is it.

But where to go? I’m too old for the lam. Once the money is gone I would become a very grumpy camarero at a moldy beach bar in South America.

You might track me down, but I would spit in your coffee.


9 Responses to Plan B

  1. Now that you’re a homeowner, all windfalls go to improving the crib. Expand your deck and screen it in, like I’ve been planning to do with my back porch for about a decade now.

  2. What check? How much? We need details in order to advise you correctly. (Man, you have some insanely sensible friends. What’s up with that?)