Unique Corn

There is no relevance to that title I just thought it was funny.

I had one of those rides the other day that just coulnd’t hang together, as sometimes happens. We are all on mountain bikes and we are all wearing funny clothes, but that is where the commonality ends. One man’s wander is another man’s training ride and while one man rides to remember another man rides to forget. What are you going to do? That’s an easy question-

Talk to Dr. Munson about it when it quits raining.


10 Responses to Unique Corn

  1. Sometimes you ride to forget what you just remembered, as in:

    “Oh, that’s right, here I am again dropping my friends and I remember that they don’t like that very much. Hey, that’s an unpleasant thought! I need to ride harder to forget that shit.”

    Of course, I only get to enjoy that brand of mental gymnastics when I lead rides for our local elementary school. I smoke those little bitches!

  2. I rolled a seventeen, you are sooo NOT hooking up with that lavender bitch. However, the hit points do indicate you might pull some strange off that black & white little fella-is that Wrecking Ball???

  3. So who had “8” in the “number of comments before Wrecking Ball is called the short, spotted, grumpy unicorn” pool?