Fill in the Blank

I will be away for a few days this week. I hate to leave the circus untended, as the animals can really stink up the place, but I have a solution. The following is a template that should work for just about any given day here at the BRC, so check back and apply the necessary details as you see fit.

____________ said he did ___________ in ____________ minutes but I don’t believe him. That crazy Sasquatch, we were riding the other day and he broke his ________ and I had to fix it with a ___________, then someone called the cops because he _____________.

I was going to ride today but instead I am _____________. If I had ridden I totally would have rolled those __________ out at ________.
Back in 19__, when mountain bikers were a lot tougher I used to ________ the __________ without a __________ in the rain. Nowadays everyone is soft.

This weekend there will be a __________ at the __________, but I’m not going because that thing is dumb.

Have a great ___________,


12 Responses to Fill in the Blank

  1. 1. Lord Galahadirel
    2. a noble service to his Lady Galahadirel
    3. a matter of mere
    4. Helm of Black Ice (+6)
    5. roll of Spectral Duct Tape (+25)
    6. knocked over my little figurine and I had to go all medieval on his ass
    7. drinking a potion of strength
    8. road-bikin’ lembas-eatin’ half-elves
    9. the Grey Hound Guild House
    10. the year the dwarves of the Iron Hole forged my ebon-hued steed
    11. mount
    12. metal beast
    13. stitch
    14. merry gathering
    15. 10th Avenue Inn and Bakery
    16. fantasy wish fulfillment/ride

    You know what I’m talkin’ bout Juancho!


  2. -Wrecking Ball
    -5 jumping jacks
    -ran naked through the mall on a sugar high
    -stalking Cupcake’s kitchen
    -kindergardners for their candy
    -Stiles Ditch
    -row my boat
    -live long day
    -helmet or camelbak
    -peter pull
    -tractor paul
    -time trying to insert all of these great answers into Juancho’s evil, but beautiful, puzzle

  3. Personally, I think it says something about you that you created a madlib that works really well when you put the word “penis” in every blank.