Just a quick trip to get some work done far, far away, but I’m excited all the same. New Hampshire will look exactly like Marriot hotels everywhere I am sure, as there won’t be time to do much exploring. It doesn’t matter. New Hampshire is far away. Not so far as Singapore, or Bosnia, but farther away than Quincy.

By 4:00 P:M I will achieve a catatonic travel state of mind, following orders and reading a book until the discomfort and disrespect ends at a comfortable bed in the Granite state.

i wonder what life here will look like from that Marriot window?


8 Responses to Getaway

  1. Is this your first trip to New England? I hope you can see little church steeples on pretty windy roads from your hotel window! 🙂

  2. oh, and your boys are set up on the awesome blues stage inside late afternoon for BabyGirl’s event, a great slot and setup for them.

    Got excited and had to hijack your thread. And we’s using code names.