Go on, get out of here!

That gregarious, gargantuan, guardian of the forest-Sasquatch- has been steppin’ out lately. He turned me on to www.firstlastalways.blogspot.com , the journal of a woman who I can safely say would drop most of us like a wet pickle on her bike. Luckily, she lives all the way up in Minnesota so I can safely say–

“Bring it on! If you ever show your face in Tallahassee, we’re racing”

–with little to no risk of suffering the consequences.

As the steward of this little corner of the internet, I don’t go visiting too often, content to add another cyberlego to my own wonderland without checking out what the neighbors are up to.

Since the Vicodin has me in a state of suspended animation, (not to be confused with reverse hibernation) why don’t y’all stop by and say hello over there and let me get some rest for once.


9 Responses to Go on, get out of here!

  1. Thanks for the linkup Juancho! All you boys would kick my ass I’m sure if I ever were so foolish as to race in the raging humidity of Florida.

    So, I was in Florida for BikeFlorida a few years ago when it rode down the east coast. It was awfully flat and I’m dying to ask, how do racers in Florida do hill repeats?

  2. These “hills” you speak of? Why do they repeat themselves?

    Ok, enough of that schtick. Here in North Florida, or “Mecca” as I call it, we have substantial rolling, red clay, hills. we aren’t necessarily “training” in the same sense you are. We’re just battling for supremacy in a very local venue, largely of my own personal construction. If that makes sense.

    And I will crush them!

  3. You do know that women’s cat 4 races have anywhere from 10-15 racers on a good day right? There isn’t even such a thing as a peleton. I spent my last 40 mile road race in my own personal time trial because there were only 9 of us.

    EVERYBODY has more racers than a cat 4 women’s race (except maybe the cat 1/2/3’s).

    And I’m afraid of giant bugs with horns and palmetto bugs. But I adore reptiles of all kinds. I think they’re cute. The bigger the better!

  4. Are you talking big like Mikey’s pet Iguana, or are you talking bull-gator big? I ask because on some of the trails we ride down here, it’s not unheard of to roll up on the brand of reptile that eats large dogs whenever possible.

    When you’re bunny hopping over a gator you’re counting on flight over fight, and it’s not at all comforting to think of yourself as a bunny.

    Juancho, don’t you have a good holy-shit-there’s-a-gator-on-the-trail story?

  5. Well, I think alligators are cute too although I wouldn’t want to pet one. I’m no crocodile hunter. But I think iguanas are darling and salamanders are cute as anything and I *adore* snakes.

  6. The important part of the story is that I forced Craig to pass the head, while I went’ round the tail.
    Thanks for keeping an eye on the Circus yesterday DC. Remember, never pay the clowns on Thursday, or they get drunk and skip the Friday show.

  7. By the way, did I forget to mention that I’ve been looking for bike races in the Tallahassee area for months now!

    (git yer pickles ready, cuz you are so dead)