Going to the Well

I realized over the weekend that the leaking well at the site of the Deep Horizon Oil Rig has been seeping into my subconcious. Baby Jessica, Wife Swap, Third way politics, it is all about the well. How will we ever get out of the well?

6 more weeks of sling and brace. The pain is not so acute, but it feels like somebody put it together wrong and packed it in broken glass. I keep meeting people who are dealing with much greater trauma than I am though, so for your future reference, a busted shoulder is not a big sympathy-getter. It’s just inconvenient.

Time to hit the road. I have a cat-sitter so don’t get any ideas.


5 Responses to Going to the Well

  1. I’ve always said that someone else’s cancer does not cure my broken leg. Nor does it make it ache any less.
    Own your pain, Juancho!
    And you’re right about the well. It is sucking all of us down it.

  2. Perspective never hurts, but Ms. Moon’s right about how someone else’s pain doesn’t take away our own. The oil? Yeah, it seems unreal enough to be really bad science fiction, only it’s not.

  3. I expect no sympathy from you Bikechain dogs. In six weeks I will be doing the macarena while holding a pineapple. If I know myself I will be prepared to ride when the average temp drops below 85.