Virtual Alligator

I’m thinking this alligator can be my new bigringcircus mascot.

This is a multimedia presentation.

Stare at the picture and get a good look at the gator.

Imagine you are standing really close to it, or perhaps you are wounded and lying nearby.

Now click the link and hear the fearsome bellow of a dangerous reptile.

For those of you who do not live here, imagine how brave we are in Florida. These things are everywhere. I had to skirt around two or three of them at the grocery store this morning. They were blocking the aisle with the Edy’s popsicles.

It took forever!

Remember- Look, look, keep looking, then click.

Totally multi-media high-tech stuff here, like Cirque De Soleil, but not french, or an actual circus, but damn close all the same.


3 Responses to Virtual Alligator

  1. OK, Gator bellowing is pretty cool.
    But the cool part is what happens around the gator in the water.

    At first you think he’s thrashing around ’cause of all the wavys.
    Then the wavies get bigger, creating little standing waves for several feet around’em. Then the wavies rise higher, and turn into splashies.

    Dancing water: coolest thing about gators.

    Just be careful. If a gator takes your bike, you know he’s going to ride that sucker to your mom’s house, take her out for dinner, and then stuff her in an underwater snag, so she can “ripen”. mmmm.