Sub-30 and Sunny Sunday

Whew-eeee! Tomorrow looks to be cold and wet, much like the last two days were, which means conditions will be good for toughening up, and bad for enjoying your ride. Sunday however, with a forecast of a low of 29 and dry sunny skies, might be a good call for a special outing, in full bundle gear. Maybe the Line Tract is up on the dance card? Maybe, what do they call that Brigadoon, that Xanadu? Ah yes, The Pinhook River.

Or perhaps I will simply phone in a quick lap of the Cadillac and hurry back to the couch, there’s really no telling, but smart money has to take the couch.


2 Responses to Sub-30 and Sunny Sunday

  1. Thanks for the map of the front! Now I know to expect a high of a mere 80ยบ tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜‰