Shoveling Coal

What’s to say? Another lap at Munson, Bushy and I quiet as a couple of graverobbers and working just as hard. One dropped water bottle and a prize gopher tortoise stopped us briefly, otherwise it was robot city. The only sound I remember besides the crinkle of rain is the gnashing of sand in gears and calipers. I love this sound, as it means Autumn upgrades are right around the corner in time for all day robot riding weather. By November the Racer X and I will have sanded all the rough edges away and be stripped down to two essential ingredients: Fast/Scary.

For Halloween I am going as myself.


4 Responses to Shoveling Coal

  1. oh, and I found this on the list for your cross training needs; it was under the heading of “Breakdancers wanted”.
    “looking to get together with local breakers and putz around… I would like to fine tune my hip hop dancing so also looking for somebody to give me some pointers on glides, waves and ticking, etc… I have lots of music to share and we can find a place to practice. if more people get interested we can rent some space or meet at a gym. good form of exercise and lots of fun!”

  2. I just declared to the planet that I am trying to get “fast.” I believe that means I have to ride today. Don’t know if I can wait for you after-workers though.

    text me girlfriend!