The Antidote

I can’t think of a problem that can’t be solved by going for a bike ride. Not one.

A good bike ride cures: anger, depression, boredom, nervousness, irritable bowel syndrome, existential dilemma, mid-life crisis, loneliness, agoraphobia, xenophobia, and procrastination.

Actually it does nothing for arachnophobia, as witnessed today watching the boys jump off their bikes clawing at helmet straps to evict large banana spiders. Nobody seems to mind all the ticks hitching a ride.

Overcast skies and an acquiesence to professional ineffiency brings a much needed improvement in the riding conditions. The more time in the saddle the less time to make bad decisions elsewhere. Instead of getting involved in that upside-down mortgage I went for a ride. When I finished I didn’t even want a house. I wanted a tuna fish sandwich.

It is hard to get in trouble when you are living in the pain cave.


5 Responses to The Antidote

  1. ohmy… i really like this one 😉


    i like it when you post often!

    (banana spiders? what the hell are those? ticks here can threaten ones health… i would imagine there they’d threaten ones life?)

    and i couldn’t agree more: Riding Cures. Riding Heals. Riding Makes Well. Some of us would be a real Mess were it not for the Pony Rides.


  2. WTG GF? Is that WTF Girl Friend?

    Boy, I sure hope so.

    That ride was easy. You should have been there this morning. 2-3 overhead and glassy at TBP.

    I love all these drop-ins from the great wide world. Great pics JenyJo. Put me on the list for a calendar.