Throwing blind punches rarely wins the fight. Today I staggered like a drunken soldier across the fairways and trails of this town. In the heat, soaking wet with slime and sweat, I chunked shots over greens and into foreign rough. I changed three flats and finally had to wave the white flag with a terminal mechanical at Tom Brown Park. Headset-fork related for you techies.

Wrecking Ball was gracious and pleasant throughout, and he didn’t seem so sick to me. Sick strong maybe. I owe him about seven tubes.

The problem is I don’t really have a plan for rest days. The wagon rolls best when it keeps momentum, and stopping always invites trouble.

Lucky for me I found some supportive information on burnout from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I think their program is a good fit for me. Link the linky for details.


3 Responses to Cooked

  1. I am with you, I hate recovery days. Big Worm makes me do them, but God I hate keeping my heart rate low on a clear day in the woods!
    I also wanted to tell you that HAD you stayed on the ride and HAD you attcked me, your blog would have been about taking the W.B. down. My legs called the bridge about ten minutes after I left you and told the captain they were out of coal. I crawled home….barely.
    Still better than staying home!

  2. MIT doesn’t mention anything about naptime…. perhaps you are making sure your unconcious mind is pulling its own weight?

    I like how you have applied Ultimate Protestant Work Ethic to your recreational activities! Shows that your priorities are in order.

    (Still hoping for a naptime lifestyle. Pass the java)