Mush Donkey Mush!

The neighborhood festival, Nenefest, was both more and less than anticipated. Early in the afternoon it was a friendly gathering of Lefty-Lou’s and Lefty Lucy’s. My friend Chuck referred to the crowd as “Flat-screen hippies” which made me giggle. By the time they hit the 9:00 P:M curfew, the band kicked up the experimental puppet jazz/rock and ripped the knob off. Two blocks away we held up lighters and cell phones as we swayed to the closing score of Purple Rain, with the lead guitar parts played on violin. Good fun, that.

Sunday afternoon I rolled Munson to see what changes are taking place. Old man Mingo himself was out there looking like the picture of vitality and wellness. I hissed at him like a feverish ‘possum and waddled up the trail. The improvements are looking good and there is still enough sand for everybody.


7 Responses to Mush Donkey Mush!

  1. “I hissed at him like a feverish ‘possum and waddled up the trail.”

    Too funny! I had this mental image of fussy ‘possum in a Joe’s jersey, grumbling up the trail. Give me a shout sometime, if you want someone else to grumble up the trail along with you.

    I don’t usually put much stock in random word verifications, but….when I griped at W.B. about his loud ass color palette, the word was “gouvern” and today with you I find “wanting”. Hmmm, are the flat screened, hippie gods trying to tell me something?

  2. Ms. Moon- my secret is laziness.

    Worm- We need to stage an intervention with WB, or help him clean house. I tend to agree with his take on the world.