Riding the Pine

Actually, in spite of that title I am not on the bench. I’m in the game. The skateboard game. With nothing but frantic patches of time available to work out lately the longboard fits the bill. Tommy and I practiced on the Betton Hills starter course then moved over to the Indianhead bunny slopes. In just thirty minutes of skating we ran into two (2) old friends who don’t even live here and I got scared in that puckered up “I might have made a bad decision” at least three (3)times. I’m going to have to learn how to stop pretty soon, but for now- the flat-footed pounding you get as you run off the momentum from bailing out is like a long bike ride packed into 10 or 15 steps. By that I mean it makes your quads sore as hell the next day.

So where is the best parking lot in town for this sort of thing?


10 Responses to Riding the Pine

  1. We have a skate park, but I don’t think I need to be skating it. Looks dangerous, might as well be full of dirty needles and pit vipers.

  2. In other words, before attempting to drop down into that empty pool at the skate park, you might as well call 911 while you can still have a conversation you wouldn’t be embarrassed to hear on a 911 reality show, such as:

    “Hello 911!!!! Help!! I broke my ass! I can’t feel my ass!!”

  3. Wrist gaurds, knee and elbow pads, high tops laced tight, and a pro tech helmet. Buy them at a real skateshop. Learn how to ride one footed while breaking with your push foot. Start slow and build sensibly. I have wanted to carve the new connector between Flischman and Capital Circle for a while but it would have to be a night time assault and I hate to miss Matlock. Take it from an old rat…cement hurts. Go easy bro. Hey um….someone squatted my blog. What should I do?