Juancho vs. Dogboy (advantage-Dogboy)

Is Dogboy getting kinder or is Juancho getting faster? That’s the question one has to ask himself when he finishes a late afternoon run through the east-side Weems loop and he feels pretty good. Let’s not get carried away. I will concede that separation occurred a few times, always when I optimistically shifted down from my big ring. This would have the effect of launching the Dogboy from a cannon so quickly did the daylight appear between us. We are also friends, so to drop me completely would be awkward. Yet still, under these same circumstances I have come home from a ride with him so crushed as to need crutches to get to the bathroom, where I would then draw a warm bubble bath and let the running water cover the sound of my quiet sobbing. I suggest we split the difference and answer “both.”

The goal today is to move south as soon as possible to ride with Pa Ingalls and the Micanopy Madman at the Powerlines in G’ville. After that it is on to The American Dream Art Show (that’s a link.) I am going to achieve a full vacation mindset in under 24 hours.

Bloggy blog blog. Bloggity, bloggity, blog.

Got big plans?


5 Responses to Juancho vs. Dogboy (advantage-Dogboy)

  1. As a matter of fact, I think a few of us will likely be making a daytrip to ride Felasco tomorrow. Give me a shout if you wish to cophase. I’d love to meet these Ingalls folk, of which you speak so highly.

  2. Do be afraid to get faster.

    And bring Pa back with you; I got trees need climbin’!

  3. I know nothing of your place or players. I like your writing. Thanks for the link. Although, I can’t support them in person, A “Bravo” from Maine. Thanks Jauncho!

  4. The backstory is long and painfully recorded here in these pages. Every slight and transgression will one day be avenged.