Not Evil, Misunderstood.

The Angry Monk is thinking about rolling out to the St. Marks Refuge this weekend in search of the mythic Pinhook River, the Picklesimer Fields of the Big Bend. Consider this post a survey of interested parties, but please understand that any interest is by no means a contractual agreement. It’s the weekend, and I hate to commit to anything prematurely. I’m thinking 20 miles against a blasting headwind in an entirely straight line on a double track shell road, then turn around and sail back. The cool air will make the reptiles dim-witted dullards crawling groggily into the sunshine.

Perfect for taunting.

We could just go to the rattlesnake roundup in Whigam, GA and eat funnel cakes instead.

Don’t tread on me,


3 Responses to Not Evil, Misunderstood.

  1. The mighty Pinhook!

    Have you ever approached it from the east? The first segment is a little dicey in deer season but then the jungle takes over and a very, very cool segment of the Florida Trail goes through the swamp on an old tram. You pop out in the sunlight a mile or so east of the river.

    If you’re into wierd limestone features and fissures and virgin palm trees AND you’re not a wuss, then hike the Pinhook downstream from the bridge. It pops out into the estuary less than a mile from the bridge. That little hike is one of my favorite remote spots in Florida.

  2. Dear Big Worm,
    I have noticed a lot of people on shiny new bikes. One thing that’s weird is when they are coming towards me they look at the logo on my bike and typically miss my kind knod and hello.
    I have been feeling a lot of pressure to upgrade. After riding behind these logo lookie loo’s, I noticed they are not leaving me and my old bike behind.
    So here’s my humble inquiry:
    How much is it “About the Bike”?
    Thanks your Segmentedness!