The Quicksand Flu

The more you try to do the deeper you sink. I thought about calling this the Protestant Work Ethic Flu, since I am not so sick that I can’t process information and communicate, work is the primary benefactor of the illness.

Not looking so good for Saturday’s departure to the mountains, but I remain ever hopeful for a miracle recovery.


9 Responses to The Quicksand Flu

  1. OK, here’s a sure fire way to get rid of a cold. #1. Drink a good amount of water. 2. Turn on the shower so it will be very very hot 3. Run in place while the shower is getting hot and then get in it 4. Stay in and sweat for as long as you can 5. Get out, put on cozy pajamas 6. Make an enormous spicy bloody mary 7. Sit in the sunshine and drink said bloody mary. If you do all this and you don’t pass out immediately and bust your head on the pavement you will feel 100% better the very next day.

  2. yeah May! that’s what I’m going to do soon as I get home!

    I also put a little of the bloody mary in a nettie pot for the shower as well.

    Good luck Juancho

  3. Just snort the damn horseradish and slam the vodka.
    Follow with a V-8.
    Ms. Moon, RN
    (I could probably lose my license for such folderol.)

  4. Another dispatch from sickbay: I have some sort of stomach crud. I thought maybe it was the spinach from in my enchilada from the local cantina, but I hear there’s “something going around.” This may delay my reunion with the bike another weekend. I got to tell you, the bloody mary has no appeal at all.

  5. I gave in and unleashed a carpet bombing of antibiotics into my system this morning. I’m down until further notice.