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Well, as promised, here I am in Minneapolis, thinking of home. I am utterly disappointed to have enjoyed this city, as that does not make for very interesting blogolism.

Just wanted to test this thing out and see if it still worked.

Big talk about the fires down in Alachua county on CNN. y’all must be hating it down at the Pole barn.

-Sign up now to win the “Pick Juancho up at the airport contest”.

-call for details!


Danger lurks Everywhere!

Not to be an alarmist, but it is true. Danger does lurk everywhere. Danger does not “hang out” or stay in its assigned seat, it lurks. This little lovely is a copperhead, at least I am 99% sure that it is unless my kuntry friends in Liberty county care to chime in and tell me otherwise. The Merck Manual has this to say concerning the frequency of attacks.

Most victims are males between 17 yr and 27 yr, of whom 50% are intoxicated and deliberately handled or molested the snake.

Since I’m a solid ten years beyond the dumbass zone, nor was I drinking at 8:45 in the morning you can rest assured that no bites occurred. Still, it is a little unsettling, because this is what this bad boy can do to you…

Results may include local tissue damage; vascular defects; hemolysis; a disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC)–like (defibrination) syndrome; and pulmonary, cardiac, renal, and neurologic defects. Venom alters capillary membrane permeability, causing extravasation of electrolytes, albumin, and RBCs through vessel walls into the envenomated site. This process may occur in the lungs, myocardium, kidneys, peritoneum, and, rarely, the CNS.

The CNS? Oh no, not my CNS!

Yeah, I’m stalling, not a pedal was stroked this weekend, lots of visitors in town or at least that is my excuse. October weather blew in last night so I have a nice shot at redemption this afternoon.

Look for a report live from the twin cities later this week.

No, I didn’t mean Two Egg and Yeehaw Junction. I meant Minneapolis-St. Paul.

And really, isn’t one city enough? Why do they have two?

Keep your shoes on, it looks like a snaky summmer.


Chasing Chimeras

There sure is a lot of unrequited yearning out here on the internet. I think this site here speaks for itself in that regard. Reading back through the archives, the days of satisfaction and redemption are few and far between. Like soap bubbles, each small joy captured sits briefly in our hands before popping and leaving a fading rainbow and a bitter taste. Nowhere is this as evident as it is in the sports blogging world. The uber athletes strive to be more uber, the work-a-day joes strive and yearn for improvement. For many it is a game of inches. A few minutes improvement is cause for elation, a few minutes slower brings befuddled dejection.

I don’t think the striving has made a big difference in my riding one way or the other. I’ve flamed out after a good night’s sleep and a power breakfast, attentive to my goo intake and heart rate. I’ve crushed rides regally hungover, pained and full of polluted self-loathing. It is all just so damn subjective.

Great performances are exciting. Talk about the pursuit of great performance leaves me drowsy like during a 9th grade biology film.

I still wish I was faster. And meaner.


Pueblo de Espiritus

Here in Tallahassee we have two major seasons. One in which our town is characterized by the young and entitled. The red light running, red cup swilling, talking on the cell phone in line everywhere college students. The other season begins now, after graduation is over, and all the pharmaceutical rep hopefuls and angst-ridden English majors have gotten back into their Civic/ Prius/BMW/Jettas and gone back to Miami/Orlando/Atlanta and other far flung destinations to annoy the locals in their own hometown.

I have to say, although football season can certainly be fun (at least back when the Noles won most of their games and the entire city celebrated) the Universities don’t bring me a lot of joy anymore.

I’m looking forward to the season of heat. The season of seeing the same people in the grocery, coffee shops, and at the bars. I always remember summers in Tallahassee as mixing it up with other local crews at other local enclaves because the siege is over and you can move freely again around town.

Time to shade your eyes and emerge from the bunkers. It’s safe to come out now.