Los Cenotes

Back home in the squishy South, the air hot and moist like the inside of a bagel, I didn’t waste any time getting in some cold water.

Squatch and I played some hooky and rode around exploring “The Sinks” in Wakulla County.

Swimming down into a couple of these holes you stare deep into the abyss. A lacing of Cypress trunks, murky green moss, and pocked limestone blocks the dark entrance to the Florida aquifer hundreds of feet below. If a prehistoric gator were to ever emerge from anywhere, it would emerge from one of these slumbering pits- but you try not to think about that and just enjoy the 70 degree gin clear water.

You can’t let a few monsters spoil a good time.


5 Responses to Los Cenotes

  1. Hope you got some ice cream at the lodge too. That’s the ideal place to go on an ‘I can’t breathe, the air is so thick with humidity, scorching hot,’ Tallahassee day.

  2. Yeah, yeah. The twin sinks.
    Did you get lost on the dirt road going in there? Did you swing off the rope swing? Are you the one that left those condoms on the trail down there? Tell us the truth, don’t make me do the dna test. I’ve already got your sample. No, really, we’re all just glad you’re back.

    the woods

  3. Nope. Didn’t get lost at all. s’quatch faked it all the way to the water and got lucky (not in the condom sense, I just mean he found the springs).