Thanks to Tommy Torso for a perfectly wretched ride yesterday, I really needed it. Golf out-scored riding 2 to 1 this week, and it ain’t looking good for riding today either. Fore!

This weekend brings another powerhouse of cultural events to the greater Capital City area. We are lousy with culture once again. The Scottish Highland games will be be going on north of town. I went once with the best intentions of sampling my native culture, but I was a bit off put by the staggeringly expensive beers (perhaps it was the exchange rate from Midtown to Bannerman?)

There were men throwing sheep over bales of hay and dogs herding a squealing gang of children around a field, and yet, it was all somehow lacking. Still, in theory it sounds like a good time and might be worth the $147.00.

If that doesn’t blow your kilt up, there will be an art show in the Parks downtown, also advertising a beer garden, or garten? I do like the art so you might find me down there sneering and sniffing at people’s life’s work. Good fun.

Tallahassee is hardly distinguishable from the Upper East Side (of Tampa) these days. Wine bars in the Strip Malls, Starbucks in the Target, I just hope it doesn’t affect the price of Arugula.

Tomorrow the bikeposse crew (Worm, Wreckin’ Ball, and their Zombie army) are riding sometime in the middle of the night like 8:30 A:M and then they will be sitting in a garage waiting for us to come crush them at Ping Pong. Other than that, are there any good rides on the docket? What about you out-of-towners, where will the fun be for you this weekend? Maybe I’ll join you in Uzbekistan or wherever.

And what exactly is a “docket?”


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  1. There’s also a nice, loud punk show going down at The Shed tomorrow night. $5, all the keg beer you can drink (if the kids don’t drain it first). Good times, good times.

  2. And a bluegrass festival in Monticello.
    Abundant riches of festivities to put on your docket. Or in your pocket.
    I’ll NOT be at a wedding. That’s my main plan.

  3. I’ve got the in-laws in town. Should be a couple of days of home improvement with someone who knows what he is doing (not me). They also like to look moonily and lovingly at their grandson.

    And dockets are those things you put your hands in on your pair of khaki Dockers. You know, the pair that you wear with your brown braided belt and polo shirt. Your standard date rapist’s outfit.
    Dr. D

  4. It’s supposed to be nice this weekend in Lincoln. That’s what I hear. So, riding is definitely in my future, and soaking in the sunshine, as well as consuming Indian food on a patio. In addition to all that excitement, I know I will also be playing a little ping and some pong this weekend. Wish me luck, I am not good at it, but it’s fun (and that’s all that counts, right?)! 🙂

  5. Ouch, I really should learn my native language. I am a bilingual illiterate. I can’t speak two different languages!
    I will kick your tender ass at ping pong….maybe.

  6. Juancho, have you covered how you, bushy,stallion and others ended up in Montana? Bushi was telling me the story Wednesday and I was wondering if there was a previous post. If not…..spill it sister!

  7. OK, Who’s going to 12 horrors of Tsali with us? Come ON, its not until May17, Even if you dont ride the white horse, you could be the beer wench!


  8. fish fry (me and Operative Alpha ogling young gals and drinking the beer) and baby shower (mama’s going to that; a breeder thing) and home repair (reciprocity deal for the girlfriend of the guy that helped me with my roof)
    You are welcome to join me for either the first or second option, both of which highlight the talents of the nothern UK folks much better than a double deep fried snickers bar at the “scottish” festival.

  9. Montana? Yes, I do think that is a story worth telling.

    Nicol, don’t swing at the meatball (high slow floater), it is a sucker’s bet.