Rained out?

The Titus Racer X is secreted away in the trunk of a rented Impala like a doomed starlet.

I woke up expecting to put the manotard on under the business casual wear so I could ditch out of this hotel at the earliest opportunity. Santos, Alafia, or Felasco I had not yet decided. Just for the record, if you have an opinion on the matter, which would you choose if you had a couple of hours to play with on the way home?

For me I am thinking the decision is purely academic. Heavy thunderstorms are lining up to drop the hammer on the panhandle, the pan, and the whole dang stove here today. I’m not giving up. I only need the slightest encouragement, but objectively? The ride forecast is bleak.

Thank you America, for staying informed of these important developments.


5 Responses to Rained out?

  1. I’d probably opt for Felasco, but with this weather…

    The way the southern tail on these fronts lags, I’d say you have a larger window of dry trail, the further south you stay.

    Regardless, good luck.

  2. Nice call on Croom. I have yet to ride there. For the record I went with Santos and Big Worm was correct. Hour and a half of love.