Boom Boom

Left leg, right leg, King and Kong, twin cannons of fury!

Riding less frequently does nothing good for my mental balance, but for the legs? Wow.

I don’t know what else to attribute it to, but these pins of mine should be included in the proposed ban on assault weapons. The magazine just never empties, there is always another round in there. They are like Juancho with the gun analogies, bam! bam! bam! they just keep coming. Last week it was long miles of misery on sand, road, and trail, this weekend nothing but singletrack sport shooting. It’s time to change my set-up because the technical skills are slowing me more than fitness and that is the kind of problem I want to have.

Bikes, bikes, bikes, remember when it was all about the bikes and the riding, and the complaining around here?

Those were the days!


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