A pounding of flesh

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When Dave Zabriskie washed out in the final section of the course today a shiver ran through my body as his dragged across the asphalt.

I don’t know what I was thinking last night.

The tour is definitely the greatest sports drama in the world. The sight of the yellow jersey– torn, dirty, bloodied– and the anguished face of Dave Z as he pedaled alone towards the finish line made me cringe. It made me cringe, but it also caused a welling of respect, pride, and awe for it’s bearer. If you have to relinquish it, be sure you have bled to keep it first.

Way back in the annals of this site I discussed the notion that beyond training, gear, physiology, and nasty habits there is still a place where conviction and desire are the determining factors. I think I saw the application of that belief today, and although it didn’t pan out, there will be no second guesses about the guts of Dave Zabriskie. He left them all over the road today.

Liquigas, the team of MAIN MAN MAGNUS BACKSTEDT, finished respectably. He finished 7th overall yesterday, and led his team across the line during the Team Time Trial today, so you know he’s representin’ for Clydesdales everywhere. Yeah Magnus, crush them with your hammer-like fists!

Lance is in yellow. What do you think? Is it all over but the shouting now? Where are the hungry? Is Dave Z the only Dave Z in the race?

On other fronts. Back to work for Juancho, on the bike that is. The Dragon is worn out and in need of some TLC if I am to maintain my full court press this summer. Time to go to the candy store and pick up some goodies.

My apologies to the non-riding community who visit the BRC. Sometimes real life and riding coincide to inspire me and something surprising emerges here. Lately, its just hot as hell and all about the struggle to keep going, with whatever.

Sasquatch returns tomorrow night, and as we know, I may be the brains of this 2 bit sham of a website, but he is often the soul. He so willingly climbs into the dunk tank, he makes it look easy for me around here.


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