A Fool’s Errand

Artwork submitted by Jackson, young circus aficionado.

It is springtime Tallahassee weekend which means nothing more than a good reason to wander town and country enjoying the good weather, the blooming flowers, and your friends and neighbors. Tomorrow I plan to attend and participate in “A Fool’s Errand” a local bike rally/race of sorts organized by Patrick of the Fixed Gear community. Like John the Baptist I will wander among the unchosen people, fishing for lost souls to bring to fat-tired bliss. Due to the gritty investigative journalism you have come to expect from the BigRingCircus I have obtained crucial information regarding the event. Apparently time bonus points will be available to those choosing to get a tattoo during the race. I think I will get the face of Joe Mezzina http://www.joesbikeshop.net/joe.html tattooed on my ass to honor him now and forever. Of course, being scheduled for April Fool’s Day, I have to wonder if the race will take place at all.

If you want to race, be at All Saints Cafe at high noon tomorrow. Race ends at Tom Brown Park about 2:00 P:M in conjunction with some collegiate something or other activity.

On other fronts…

The Circus will be closed for renovations most of next week, unless anyone wants to mind the store while I am in Helen, GA www.helenga.org working in the Bavarian village and riding Unicoi State Park and other fine trails.

It is a beautiful morning here in Tallahassee, and I hope it is the same wherever you wakeup.

Check back later, as I have lots of morning left to remember what I intended to cover today.

Nobody’s Fool

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