The Empty Vessel

Out of the house before 8:00 A:M Saturday and Sunday, patiently working on this old lump of clay, and I feel really good about feeling good. Days are long and filled with possibilities. I am becoming a one man renewable energy source. Let’s play hooky and ride right now, I’m ready.

I hope you all had a good weekend, if you did anything cool, then please tell us all about it- even you road bikers. The Tour de France is right around the corner so I will be observing a cease-fire until after Magnus Backstedt enters the Champs Elysees in the yellow jersey.

I’m leaving town tomorrow to do a little work, followed by a a couple days at Bear Creek in Ellijay, GA. Plug “Bear Creek” into the search this blog window if you want to read about our last trip up that way. The BRC editorial review board is currently accepting submissions and suggestions to fill the Tuesday to Friday void. I might post 5 entries tonight, but then you have to promise to pace yourselves and only read one a day.

All right, it’s Monday, this economy isn’t going to collapse on its own, we must all do our part.

later- Juancho

5 Responses to The Empty Vessel

  1. I had a BIG weekend. Not only did I celebrate my first Father’s Day, Daniel Benjamin was baptized. Drinks are on me when I see you all. Juancho, enjoy your time off. Not sure how we will fill the void without your musings but we will do what we can.

  2. congratulations Dr. D! The next time I see you I will make sure I’m thirsty.

    S- Magnus will dominate, if he makes the squad that is.

  3. Visited mom in Jax and took a leisurely circuit around the Hanna Park trails. Great spot. It’s so well ridden you can always find the best line through the roots. The locals said it was sandy, but as a Munson Sandhills regular I had no complaints. Then took a dip in the primal sea, which battered me around like back in the old days growing up in St.Aug. Returned to Tally in time to let my cub treat me to dad’s day dinner.

    Safe journey, J-man.

  4. We camped at St. Andrews state park in Panama City Beach this weekend. First time camping there. We usually do St. Joe St. Park. The nature and scenery at St. Joe is expansive and spectacular but the price is steep (squiters, no see ums and black flies are constant and intense). At St Andrews on other hand, never touched deet all weekend and the water was crystal blue. Parked the pop-up within 15′ of the water’s edge, it was like being in a resort vs. the typical summer Florida family campground that I was weaned on. Especially with the air conditioned pop-up. Kids are spoiled rotten I say…