Three Day Weekend-Great American Invention

So here it comes, the annual celebration of the U.S.A’s first Secretary of State, John Labor.

This is typically the least understood holiday in our roster. Often confused as an occasion to celebrate worker’s rights, it is actually a time to recognize former Secretary John Labor, inventor of the three day weekend. An extraordinary man, Mr. Labor was known to scroll 4 words per minute, an unspeakably efficient notetaker for his era. It is also said that Mr. Labor brewed a delicious cup of coffee.

After a particularly rough weekend of swilling with Senator Samuel Adams and other friends, Mr. George Washington (first president of the United States) said, “Holy Crap John, you will have to cover for me in the office tomorrow, I am going to feel awful!” Mr. Labor, quite drunk himself, suggested, “Mr. President sir, it is well within your powers as executive officer of the nation to declare tomorrow a holiday. Then perhaps, Sam could refill our pewter mugs and we could leisurely enjoy this afternoon without your nattering on about work tomorrow.”

The rest is history. Mr. Washington declared September 4th a national holiday and named it in honor of his loyal secretary- the quick thinking John Labor.

So who has some good plans they would like to share?

Mr. Labor, cue the crickets if you please…


9 Responses to Three Day Weekend-Great American Invention

  1. Well, I’m going to a kegger. It’s just me that will be alcohol free. Said kegger to be preceded by a century ride for a subset of the party attendees.

    by the way, has anyone noticed that the word verification is getting longer and harder to read?

  2. Going to Jax where my kid and I will each visit our respective moms. While there, I’ll drop my road bike at the shop for a tune-up and take the mountain bike for a ride at Hanna Park, followed by a swim in the Atlantic. Will probably eat some blackened catfish and fried green tomatoes at Grinder’s on Atlantic Blvd.

    Juancho, I like your blend of history and fiction.

  3. I went on a ride around the hills in my neighborhood today and I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE. Maybe my next ride needs to be a Segue. I am not kidding. DIE, I tell you. You people are crazy.

    For my Laborious weekend, I will lie prostrate under the mercy of my bicycle. Sleeping. Soundlessly. Dreaming of kittens and butterflies. And ice cream.