Road Hard

I think my love of the South is well documented. I have forsaken Las Ramblas of Barcelona, the Rocky Mountains, the urbane and tasteful moodiness of Portland, and wine-guzzling summers on Lake Ontario in favor of a year-round devotion to fire ants, Slash pines, sand spurs, and tea so sweet it makes your fillings sing.

Northeast Mississippi could change all that. The isolation. The heat. The poverty. We like to characterize all small towns as charming, but some of them are small because nobody wants to live there.

I just rolled into Jackson, and the diminutive skyline of DAYS INN, OUTBACK, and MARBLEDY SLAB CREAM CONERY, has the breathtaking appeal of Paris at night.

I am a road warrior, and therefore not inclined to whine and simper about the injustices of the road, although perhaps all of my time spent upon its gritty shimmering surface explains why I reel at the mention of riding bicycles on highways. Why don’t we just go play scrabble at your office?

Didn’t think so.

The road is for work, not play.


9 Responses to Road Hard

  1. Kulture and plenty of it. Uh-huh. Have you ever tried that Kool Kracker Barrel Restaurant?
    You should, man. They have a gift shop and everything!
    Do they have gift shops in the woods where you ride that bike of yours? I didn’t think so.

  2. You no like Mississippi, Hijo? It does sort of give me the willies, too, but I pretend I’m in a John Grisham novel and then I’m OK with it.’Bout time to come home to yer own sand spurs, tho. Manana?? 🙂

  3. Living in the land of SoCal asphalt makes me miss Kracker Barrel (and it’s Kitschy Gift Shop) pretty much every day.

    Juancho, it sounds like you need a good long vacation. At home.

  4. And Libbyllama, it sounds like you need a long vacation in the South. Let’s here it for Cracker Barrel. Did you know that they let you borrow audio books and drop them off at the next Cracker Barrel stop? Now that is a company which looks after its road warriors. 🙂