I reached a critical state of “too much” yesterday whereby to commit to any single responsibility was an open declaration that other responsibilities would not be accomplished. Rather than bear the burden of choosing which priority to not do- I locked up the office and went for a bike ride at 12:30 P:M on a Wednesday.

I know, big deal, if you search the archives you would find that such behavior was once de rigour around here, but things? Things have changed.

I planned to ride out to this Orchard Pond road dealio so I cranked out Old Bainbridge road- one of our gorgeous canopy roads that distinguish Tallahassee from places like Detroit, MI or Panama City Beach, FL. The absence of bike lane or shoulder meant I had to roll over or through possum carcass and armadillo carapace, but the cool early Fall weather kept the stench suppressed.

Not having looked at a proper map I assumed I would find this road no problem. Instead there was a problem, so without too much fretting I pushed West until I encountered a river- The Ochlocknee maybe, at the end of Tower road. Making a note to come back with the kayak for further exploration I turned it home a little dejected that I wouldn’t get my big loop accomplished.

Too pretty to go home, the day propelled me to Tommy’s. Like a legendary Minuteman he was suited and ready to ride immediately and off we rode to Tom Brown Park.

One fast lap of that degenerate slag heap and a wandering tour home added up to a 36 mile day in the middle of the week. That’s a nice set-up for the weekend, and another go at a big Northwest loop.



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  1. “Not having looked at a proper map I assumed I would find this road no problem.”

    It always amazes me when people make this assumption. I once had two friends who were going to meet us at Auburn for a mountain bike race. So they headed west on I-10 until they were comfortably in Alabama and then started asking directions for how to get to Auburn. Needless to say, they arrived several hours after the event was over. A quick glance at the map makes it clear that one heads north through Georgia to get to Auburn. I’m one of those geeks who can look at a maps for hours on end, especially if I’m headed there.

  2. To make it a nice “road” loop. Take your skinny tired, 29er, with drop bars(Wink,wink! I wouldn’t want to offend your sensibilities regarding the roadie set)and ride north on Old Bainbridge Rd., towards Concord(Coonbottom), hang a right on Orchard Pond Rd.. Take her all the way to Meridian, another beautiful canopy road, and head back to town. Personally, I’d cut through Lake Overstreet and the powerlines as I got closer to town. Meridian, in close, gets a little sketchy. As an extra bonus, it truly is a joy to pass a super serious mountain biker, on a dirt road, on your skinny tired bike. It completely negates all of the arguments they made to their wives about how they just had to have the latest dually to handle the local trails.

  3. You’ve heard the phrase “you can’t get there from here?” If you were looking for Orchard Pond via Tower Road then the pharase definately applies. You were only a few mile from my home and you didn’t wave as you passed….

  4. That ride is exactly what I intended. I rode Old Bainbridge from the house and didn’t realize you have to continue on Cap. Circ. NW across 27 and then Old Bainbridge picks up again. From where I was at, that shit just dead-ended at Cap. Circ and I was left scratching my head like a guy who hasn’t been here 20 years.

    I like the idea: roadie warm-up, dirt road scenic, then single-track finish.

    Old Bainbridge is seriously dangerous though, there is no reasonble excuse to ride it unless you are trying to get to a job.

  5. I used to take my kids to day care via the OP everyday. It has a tendency to wash out with big rains. I got into trouble on my morning commute as the two laner trned into an island. With no room to pull a three point, I had to go for it through the bog, with several folks waving me off from the other side. The Isuzu bounced through and I got to work on time. I left the mud jacket on my truck for a couple days, as a badge of honor.
    I’d love to do that loop sometime, maybe we can find an alternate route. I bet Worm has a plan we could steal.