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BRC Captionista # 2

I pinched this image from one of my favorite spots on the web, The West Virginia Surf Report I am sure you all know what to do from here. Please bring your best game and give us your caption ideas in the comments section.

Meanwhile the Round-up! won’t be that lengthy after all. Here is what I know and care about, at least a tiny little bit.

At the 621 Gallery at Railroad Square: Glitter Chariot. My friend Chuck will be hanging by a thread in the main gallery and I tied the knots so he may totally fall down. By writing this I have probably made myself massively liable. That is just one reason Art is so awesome. It is risky.

Glitter Chariot will be performing “All That Heaven Will Allow”, featuring Ryan Berg, Chuck Carbia, Kelly Boehmer, Danielle Shockley, and Lexi Braun. This new performance brings sweet and tragic melodrama together with fantastic characters and sentimental song, completing a fiercely tender yet gruesome and unfortunate story of love. This retelling of the story of Ernie and Bert is thrust into a lovers’ triangle where the love of romance isn’t destroyed; the love of friendship is. Friends in need of each other are faced with the need to continue in the wake of brutal death. Memories of a past imagined (Germany, Kirshner’s Rock Concert, Sesame Street) run rampant, and the tenuousness of their bond is destroyed

Also, I have negligently postponed announcing that Todd Simmler is wrapping things up from his mountain bike guide gig in Baja and has put the call out for a Tally to Moab trip in April. I don’t know about you, but my only hope to make that is if this Recession gets a lot worse real fast, and hey, if it happens so be it. I will drive the Ford Exploder to the desert. If anyone wants to reach for the prana and have an incredible time riding Porcupine Rim and Slickrock send me a message at and I can help you connect with Todd. You can’t find a better partner for this sort of thing.
He’s aces.

Jill is a blogger some of you cyclists may read. She fell in a lake and got a touch of the frostbite. It’s been a compelling read the last couple of days, especially because her followers are hardcore Jillites. Following her recovery narrative is bound to be good, and it doesn’t take much to beat this here narrative you are reading right now.

I saw Dr. Munson for lunch today and it was a beautiful checkup. What a bluebird day. It looks like the Forest Service is fixing to burn out there. Thanks to Ken and our friends at Fat of The Land for all the raking and prep work, and for laying down a fresh bed of brown ice.

-and I don’t give a rip if that’s not the name anymore. Phhffft!


BRC Caption Contest # 1

I’m really busy so I thought I would ask you all to write this post for me today. Got a caption that goes with this picture? Let’s hear it in the comment section.

-Big Roundup tomorrow, if you have news or events to include in the weekend update send it to


From the JV playbook

This is a post about how it was cold and then it got warm, and then it got cold again. Posts like this tend to make some yearning for Spring oriented statement by the second or third sentence of the first paragraph. In a pre-emptive block, the post would then acknowledge that there are many places which remain much colder than 34 degrees (expecting a high of 58 and sunny) but that this is cold to us, who live in Tallahassee, and therefore the relative cold experience is no different than it is for those of you wearing puffy jacketsand worrying about frostbite.



All Worked Up

My life is very exciting. Just yesterday I installed a machine that makes coffee with the push of a button in my bathroom. The walk upstairs and the waiting for water to boil just all became too much for me. If hotels across the world agree that the bathroom is the proper place to brew up some joe then I’m on board.

It has really changed my life. I’m thinking about putting a toaster oven in there too.

Can you believe I missed the RedBug Challenge race? I can. If you are surprised by this allow me to refer you to my 25 year cycling history and we can count the number of mountain bike races previously entered.

Number of mountain bike races entered: 0 (nil)
Number of mountain bike races expected to enter in 2009: 0 (nil again)

I did intend to show up and make a donation to the affiliated charity, so if someone could kindly direct me to the proper site, or contact person, that would be great. It was diapers right?

I blame Dogboy. A couple of friendly rides with him this week and my legs feel as twisted as Whoopi Goldberg’s dredlocks. I have a knot in my left quad that feels like a can of chili. It has been great to see the dogboy in the woods, but something must be done about the speed differential and I think I solved that tonight. I’m hooking him up with the ’05 Dakar. Heh! That ought to bring him down a notch. Let him try to swing that tank around the Cadillac trail, then we will see who is fast.