From the JV playbook

This is a post about how it was cold and then it got warm, and then it got cold again. Posts like this tend to make some yearning for Spring oriented statement by the second or third sentence of the first paragraph. In a pre-emptive block, the post would then acknowledge that there are many places which remain much colder than 34 degrees (expecting a high of 58 and sunny) but that this is cold to us, who live in Tallahassee, and therefore the relative cold experience is no different than it is for those of you wearing puffy jacketsand worrying about frostbite.



8 Responses to From the JV playbook

  1. The typical comment would acknowledge your point, and also add an expounding remark about the relative cold, considering the local conditions.

    It would then end with a subtle double-entendre rhyming with Seahawks.


  2. sure, works

    Oh, and after leaving the gym, you should not stop to talk to solicitors, even if they’re Asian.