Can you believe I missed the RedBug Challenge race? I can. If you are surprised by this allow me to refer you to my 25 year cycling history and we can count the number of mountain bike races previously entered.

Number of mountain bike races entered: 0 (nil)
Number of mountain bike races expected to enter in 2009: 0 (nil again)

I did intend to show up and make a donation to the affiliated charity, so if someone could kindly direct me to the proper site, or contact person, that would be great. It was diapers right?

I blame Dogboy. A couple of friendly rides with him this week and my legs feel as twisted as Whoopi Goldberg’s dredlocks. I have a knot in my left quad that feels like a can of chili. It has been great to see the dogboy in the woods, but something must be done about the speed differential and I think I solved that tonight. I’m hooking him up with the ’05 Dakar. Heh! That ought to bring him down a notch. Let him try to swing that tank around the Cadillac trail, then we will see who is fast.


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  1. Juancho’s generosity knows no limits both on and off the trail.

    So let it be known that any and all available mtb parts could find a new home on dogboy’s new tank.

  2. Ya know if you mix up the letters on DAKAR PRO (my old ride) you can make DAKRAPOR, which is where my old ride went. Oh shit.. I hope the check cleared.
    We missed you Sunday. How stealth are you when Sinks shows up (RACES!!) and you are a ghost?