The Round Up

I took the Reverend’s advice and ripped my fingers from the tendrils that had me sprouting into the keyboard.
This is the spot the kudzu reference goes in order to establish oneself as a distinctly Southern writer, please supply your own metaphor- and make me look good. I rolled out for a 3.5 hour Thursday solo ride. I would call it a visionquest, but I was so distracted and sporadic in pace it was more of a glancequest.

I was still in the old neighborhood when a lady waved me down. She had gotten turned around on a walk and was terribly confused and exasperated. I called Mickey for back-up and he came right away to load her and her walker into the pickup and deliver her to her independent living community from which she had escaped. She was terribly embarassed and asked us not to tell anyone, as her son would get worried. Other than being lost, she seemed fine, charming and a little sad.

We decided to keep her secret for now, except for sharing it with the internet, and trust that she is making decisions in her best interest. Did we do the right thing? It is a tough situation to be forced to choose between respecting personal dignity and avoiding liability at best, if not outright irresponsibility. She likes to walk, and you know someone would put an end to that if they knew she got lost.

Anyway, for once, input on this topic is appreciated as it woke me up at 5:30 this morning.

And now- onto more serious matters.

Bike-chain is sponsoring the Red Bug Challenge tomorrow morning so go get your fillings knocked out racing the roots.

I saw Tom Brown Park yesterday for the first time since the scraping of the earth occurred and ask me what I felt when I saw it? Nothing, maybe mild relief. Yawn, next!

I hooked up with this fellow, Tyler, you may have heard of him by now. He is quite infamous for having one less arm than the rest of us, and hammering the Cadillac trail into dust on a daily basis. I chased him through the Cadillac and over to Pedrick Greenway. About 2 miles into the Greenway lap he rode away from me. I think he was going about 25 mph. Once he was gone from sight I immediately ate all my food and drank all my water as is customary in a survival situation.

It took about two hours for me to get home after that.

I passed Dogboy flying along the Fern Trail and we stopped to chat. It was almost dark and everyone on the trail was lit up. That’s twice in a week I have seen him in the woods. Somebody sell him a real mountain bike and be done with it. Facilitate the transition from road to trail.

What else? Oh so much more.

A couple of the Bike Church zombies, Thing One and Thing Two, won the men’s Sport class 12 hours of Santos. That’s right- first and second. Big ups to John and Keith (not their real names.) Team Little Debbie, comprised of Bushy, Girl Bushy, Pa Ingalls, and Pain Cave Tommy took 6th in a packed co-ed division. Good work everyone.

Now say it with me- racing is stupid- especially if you are slow and easily distracted. Or overly emotional. Other that that I am sure it is great fun.

Due for a blood sugar crash in about two hours-


This Just In…

Here is a cute number worn by Pa Ingalls, courtesy of the Santos Gift Shop.

10 Responses to The Round Up

  1. You did the right thing having someone come get her. What to do after that is a hard one. You’ve got good points on both sides. Go with your instincts on this one, whatever you feel you can live with and feel good about. That’s my two cents.

  2. Your judgement is sound. This is evidenced by your completely appropriate and reasoned thinking in immediately eating all your available food and drinking all your potable water during your crisis. This is particularly effective if you are stranded with “friends”, as it distends your belly in preparation for the cannibalism that must come after being stuck in an uncomfortable scenario of any type (after waiting the requisite 30 minutes). It’s best to eat your friends while they are fresh, but you must balance that with whether they are awake. And, you don’t want to cramp. (Encourage them to nap, and eat their food while they do.)

    Oh, uh. The old gal needs more freedom not less. You are correct- they’d lock her up for her “own good”, and what’s the use of being alive if you can’t do something fun or useful?

    Some folks treat Life as if it might not end in Death. If only you make the right healthy safe choices…?
    There’s only one way this thing plays out in the end, and it is the play that counts, NOT the end.

    She is still in the game.

  3. I keep thinking about this one. Your commenters are pretty sure you did the right thing and I guess I am too, but part of me thinks that maybe it would be best if someone walked WITH the dear old lady and who knows if that would happen?
    Meanwhile, I am keeping your number on speed dial for the next time I get lost and confused on my walk.
    The way things are going, this could happen as soon as next week.
    P.S. I hope Pa Ingalis got some ice on that bad boy.

  4. Yes, I thought if that. She needs a walking buddy, which I suggested, but she said everyone at her place was too old. That just sucks coming and going.

    Don’t worry about Pa. He can take a mean lick.

  5. Maybe you could be her walking buddy once a week. It would get you away from the computer and get her safely out for a walk. The two of you could be slow and easily distracted together.