Company Man

Yes! All Glory to the Company and Celebrate the Opportunity to Work!

Thank you to the most benevolent leaders for the 36 minutes of bicycle pleasure that was most enjoyable last week. Happily I strive to bring honor to the organization and woe to her foes.

Let me hear from the daily commuters, the riders who pedal in darkness, the pre-dawn swimmers, and the trainer jockeys. My days of mid-day miles are over for now. Working from a specific location is 20th Century. I might as well be driving a mule team to the potato farm.

Why do we do it? Not because we are at our most efficient separated by sheets of drywall, but because land-line telecommunications used to dictate our work geography. Live “meat-based” meetings can still be scheduled and conducted for the anachronistic, organism-reliant as necessary. Why do we fight the battles of tomorrow with the weapons of yesterday? Come, meet me in cyberspace, where the trade of ideas occurs.

Let us save the meat for celebrating the biosphere and reveling in the terrestrial and carnal delights.


6 Responses to Company Man

  1. I’ve put together a slide carousel of examples of more efficient office procedures; if you call me, I can read describe it over the phone.

  2. Ha! Most people are fighting the battles of yesterday. Your job, should you decide to accept it, is to lead them into the new millenium! Onward!

  3. hahahahaaaa!

    “Live “meat-based” meetings can still be scheduled and conducted for the anachronistic, organism-reliant as necessary”

    Good one Jauncho!

    Just be thankful your are not “self employed”. “I own the business ..therefore I can do whatever I want …” is a myth. You better have a carved out niche, control of your market turf and a massive gross margin to do that!!

    Be thankful that you go home at the end of the day and do not have to worry about *that* stuff until tomorrow.

    Do a good job as required. Get the DOUGH. PLAY your rear end off on the weekends with your loved ones. It has been done this way for hundreds of years. Waiting is fullness.

    If you are lucky someday cyberspace may ‘come to you’!