Bow to these men, you slack bastards!

This was received in response to my question earlier. For those who don’t know, John Harvey commenting on Tallahassee trails is like Muddy Waters discussing the blues.

There are a few someone’s that have been responding to the call in recent years, but trail volunteerism is slim in the capital city. Why work when it’s given to you on a platter? There will be calls in the coming years though, and good community response could take our trail systems to a whole new level.

Please join our trailnews group so you can hear the calls when they come.

As far as responsible parties for recent trail work, you may thank the City of Tallahassee Parks and Rec Dept, namely Dwayne Huffman and Chuck Goodheart. Higher Ground seems to be the only bike shop that consistently rises to the occasion.

The Fern lives, love–john harvey

3 Responses to Bow to these men, you slack bastards!

  1. Thanks for the consciousness raising. Of course you’ve known about these guys for years, haven’t you Juancho? Tell us about some of the trail building parties you’ve graced. I joined the news group — seems like it could be a fun excuse to use a machete.

    In other news, I was over at a friend’s house last night and she had her bad-ass mountain bike set up on her back porch in a trainer. I’d never tried one of those so I hopped on and gave it a spin. It was a lot of work, and I noted how beautiful an evening it would be to just take a ride that actually moves. The problem with that, I soon learned, is that she is looking for a workout that gets her heart rate up and keeps it up. Hills, though they tax you going up, let you rest going down. Apparently it doesn’t all even out in the end.

    I’ve heard this quite a bit before from bike shop folks, and it just underscores the efficiency of a damn bicycle. It also underscores the fact that the heart doesn’t WANT to get up there and stay up there. It will if it has to, but give it an opportunity to coast and it will settle right down and help you keep that weight on that you’ll probably need someday. The heart knows.

  2. Thank God, for a minute there I thought you were going to say you would be doing all of your riding inside the house from now on.

    And you’re right, I haven’t participated in any trail-building parties, but I will be hosting a trail SHREDDING party this afternoon.

    So what was her ride? What made it bad-ass?

  3. Gotcha. I wouldn’t refuse a free trainer, I could clip an ashtray to the handlebars and put it in front of the tv.