Oh shit, we’re unorganized.

In the future…

If you respond to a previous post, and would like someone to read it, contain your comments to the appropriate entry, and then post a brief notice in the current entry, like this-

I finally thought of a comeback for when you burned me last week, see May 08, 2005 comments section.

that way we can keep the various trains of thought from running off the tracks.

If you would like to address the class from the front of the room, e-mail your post to john.phantom309@gmail.com for review. If selected, I promise not to edit your post without consent. It will appear as a daily entry. Attach relevant photos or images in this manner as well. I will try to respond to suggestions and material, unless you are rude, then you better be funny. Rude and funny is great.

This ain’t the Utne Reader and you will never be paid, so take that into account. If you got a story to tell, just fuckin’ tell it.


the Management

2 Responses to Oh shit, we’re unorganized.

  1. Hey Juancho, you’re kind of like a traffic cop in a three car town. I hear your whistle and see your fancy yellow gloves, but there’s so few of us on the road we could probably ride up on the sidewalk and Andy would just chuckle. You’d yank out your pistol while searching frantically for your one bullet, but by the time you were loaded we’d be down by the lake playing checkers with Opie or chatting up Thelma Lou.

    My point is, where are all the other bikers out there? Even Mayberry had out-of-town guests (especially counting the riff-raff from Mount Pilot), and it was a better town for it.

    Give Juancho some traffic to direct. Leave your two cents.

  2. the gun is always loaded, that’s why my town is peaceful and free of riff raff. People like it like that. Quiet.