Mission Control

BRC HQ Posted by Hello

As you can see I have the entire BRC staff working out the details for today’s launch. Pleased with the results of the Razorback pre-test, we have decided to move the launch schedule up. These dedicated men and women are the unsung heroes of the BRC. They are calculating wind resistance, estimated time of departure, wardrobe selection, tire pressure, time of engagement, speed of roll in, proper buzz adjustment, potential for injury vs. viable rescue window, and especially “sack content”. That’s right, I’m going back to the Cadillac “hazardous area” to check out the drop zone again.

It’s all in the mind. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Just point and go. No problem.

I have complete trust in the team’s calculations. If they give the green light, we launch today.

Thanks for the epic account S’quatch, your descriptions were so vivid I don’t feel the need to replicate the journey, until sometime in the fall anyway.

Strap up boys, this trail might not go quietly.

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