Quivering in their Shammies-

bigtop Posted by Hello

Here’s a picture of Me and S’quatch cold kicking it under the big top, just another day at the office for us. I don’t want to distract you from the saga occurring in the comments section below, so that will be today’s main course ( I know, leftovers!) but I will tell you quickly about last night’s ride. My bro and another old buddy, Taco, joined us for a loop to Munson and back. We had a hard time getting started with forgotten shoes, minor mechanicals, and a general lack of coordination, which pretty much sets me off. I was impatient with S’quatch, he was impatient with me, his wife, Squawtch seemed pretty sick of the whole scene, it was great. Piss and vinegar, turpentine and barbed wire, that’s what good rides are made of. Although it was just supposed to be an introductory ride for little brother and a re-introductory ride for Taco, S’quatch had to try and take me down. Not happenin’ friends. After the drumming I took in Gainesville, it was nice to be the fast one for a change. I think I’ll try and round up some seriously unfit people to ride with to further bolster my flagging self-esteem. So send me your crippled, your maimed, your fat and your lazy, I got a place for them all under the big top. Now back to our story…

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