I logged about 75 hours of work this week, in case you wondered where I went. I’ve covered Florida from the Everglades to the panhandle by air and land. As of about 1:30 P:M EST today I will be able to lay my hammer down. My only thought is to out-play my recess efforts of last weekend. The rains are gone, the muggy blanket is lifted, and fall is back in the air. If any of you loc’s are up for adventure give me a shout.

Because it is October in Tallahassee and there’s nothing better than that.


2 Responses to Furlough

  1. In honor of the Spaghetti, which is hors my current fitness level, I suggest either the Emerald Sink 30 road ride or Munson/Twilight 12 off-road. Saturday a.m. Pick your poison.