Clean is critical

Yesterday in the forest, whenever my main man Mystery would try some foolishness in the corners I would latch onto his wheel and start screaming, “IT’S THE NEVEGALS MAN, THE NE-VE-GAAAAAAALLLLLS!” This was probably annoying to him. The Nevegals are my tire of choice, recommended by two out of two bike shops in Bellview, FL. I attributed my increased cornering ability to this particular upgrade from the under-performing Small Block 8’s. What grip the Nevegals have, what supple power.

Mystery will enjoy knowing that it took Ricky Silk about 15 seconds to make the following observation today, “Hey Juancho, your front tire is on backwards.”

Anyway, just think how great tomorrow’s ride will be now that the situation has been corrected. THE NEVEGAAAAAALS!

Let’s see. I just finished cleaning the Titus stem to stern. It is beginning to show some wear and tear. I can tell we are now in the sweet zone where everything works, it fits like a pair of skinny jeans, and I can’t imagine life without this bike. This is a sure sign that it is probably in its last year before the unraveling begins.

Now is not the time to think of such a thing though, says the grasshopper to the ant, side-stepping around that rubber tree plant.

Instead I took the brushes to the drivetrain, the lube to the chain, and with my own personal chamois I rubbed down the frame.

I may be speaking verse now, but I will be reciting it to the boys tomorrow.


2 Responses to Clean is critical

  1. You were right OB. The dogboy showed up with his own robot army and they took me apart. This morning’s ride was too far, too fast, too early, and too much fun. I can honestly say I do not want to ride my bike tomorrow. Time for a rest day.