Clearly I have lost touch with my audience, and that is what happens when you greet every knock at the door with a hiss, or by hiding behind the curtains.

I am on day 71 of shoulder recovery here, with one more week in the sling. The pain meds ran out long ago, unlike the pain. It makes chit chat difficult.

I did make it out over the weekend briefly and saw a few faces from the trail here and there. I saw the Dogboy and we talked about his appreciation for Reagan’s trickle-down economic theory (it is TOO a theory Dogboy says) and how much he loves the band Creed. He said the TEA Party has really changed his life.

Those dudes from Bike Church were hanging around smoking 305 cigarettes in their skinny jeans like usual, getting fired up for some FSU football.

I guess I’m the one who changed in the relationship.

If Wife Swap and Bigfoot don’t do it for you I got nothing.


8 Responses to Fine

  1. I promise you when this is over you will have an arrow in the quiver that will get you through a lot of dark times in the future. People that haven’t been forced on to the couch just don’t get how lucky they are. One day in the not to distant future you will catch youself complaining about the sand at Munson, or how a certain corner at Tom Brown doesn’t flow and you will realize you are back amoung the fortunate. In the mean time, you are still cracking me up with the blog. Thanks.

  2. My brain is cheese. Head cheese! Wait, is that a dirty thing? Never mind! I’m leaving it there!
    I’m a bad commenter, but a loyal reader. Thank you for cheering me up the other day.

  3. J, you’re getting pretty old and quite gimp. I suggest you stay off skateboards indefinitely unless they’re long boards with hand controlled disc brakes. As far as bikes, I know a one-armed guy who rides a Honda Goldwing with a trailer and I think you would look good on one of those. When it comes to bicycles, if you feel the need to venture back to velo, consider a recumbent with a really tall flag. I’m just saying.

  4. I still think it’s a fine time for you to come out west. You can still play legos with a bum shoulder. And I will make you drinks and dinner. And Byron probably has some old pain meds lying around.

    Like May, I’m a bad commenter, but a loyal reader. I wuv you!

  5. Well, well, well, the squeaky wheel gets the grease does it not?


    And now Aucilla is trying to ship me off to Capital City Cyclists or worse.

    Follow these simple instructions:

    1. Watch Wife Swap and learn
    2. Fix broken U.S. political system

    Thanks. That would mean a lot to me.