Boom Boom

This is what’s on the satellite this morning. Time to pull in the horns and regroup. I have been waiting for a rain day to mandate some down time. Do some repairs to both body and bike, wash the man-o-tards, and Febreeze the van this should probably be my first priority?

I enjoyed an abbreviated visit to the north-side trails yesterday with Leon. We rode my old friend the Live Oak Connector and it was tough as ever and awesome. I don’t remember the climbs ever feeling this good though, seriously. Maybe they have eroded a little? We made it halfway into Lake Overstreet when Leon got a call that sent us in the other direction. He twisted my innards out once again on the 7 mile time trial across town to his house.

These are pretty good days right here.


3 Responses to Boom Boom

  1. Whoa! We rode Live Oak, too, for the first time in many months. It was in awesome shape. Someone has put in some work hours, because it was hurting last time I passed through. We met the trail’s originator, on our way out. I was hoping Kingsnake would join us, but I think he prefers his alone time, these days.